Back in the day, when Hamhock only had maybe 5 true words at the age of 3, he would mostly speak in goo-goo-ga-ga talk. Literally.

Grandma, Fiona, his friend Asiah, bottle, and diaper were all “ga-ga.”

He would point at things that he’d want and say “goo!”

And when he was really excited about something he would say “Goo! Agoo!” with that cute smirky smile of his.

Besides the fact that it was disconcerting that he didn’t have expressive language skills at the age of 3, it was really really cute.

What’s strange, is our first SLP said that usually those “g” sounds come much later – around 4 or 5 years old. The simple sounds like “b” and “d” were hard for him to make. For example, he would say “eye eye” for bye-bye, and “addy” for Daddy.

He first made the “b” sound after 6 months of intense ABA therapy. . .”baby, bye-bye, bee.”

I love and am so grateful that he can communicate with us now, and thereby we are able to get to know what makes our son tick. But sometimes, just sometimes, I do miss those first expressions of pure joy the only way he knew how back in the day. . .Goo. . .Agoo!


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