Goodbye to shorts pants

June 29, 2010

Hamhock’s autism often exhibits in rigid behaviors that he gets fixated on, and won’t give up for an extended period of time or without a huge, hours-long/days-long tantrum.

One of those behaviors has to do with clothing.

Most likely it is due to sensory issues, that he finds certain clothing more comfortable or familiar, and just doesn’t want to wear anything else.

When he was 2 1/2, he would wear a size 3T onesie that I had.  All. The. Time.  He looked so silly to others (I have no doubt), although he looked really adorable to me.

Right now he *looooooooooves* and *must* wear only his socks wherever he can.  Socks only.  No shoes.  (Except when forced to like in church or at school).  Needless to say, I go through a lot of packages as he wears them out with big holes – on a daily basis.

A few months ago he found an old pair of Superboy’s size 3T sweatpants.  Hamhock is 6 1/2, and wears size 7 pants.  He’s definitely taller than most kids his age.  Wearing a size 3T sweatpants.  Yeah – nice.

He insisted on wearing these affectionately dubbed “shorts pants” as much as he could.  I picked and chose my battles when I needed to enforce ripping them off his legs.  For example, I would let him wear them under his church pants if I didn’t have time or energy to deal with the resulting tantrum.

Finally, one day, I noticed that “shorts pants” just had waaaaaaaaay too many holes in the knees.  It was time to prepare Hamhock to say goodbye to “shorts pants.”

I prepared him for several days letting him know that we needed to say goodbye to “shorts pants.”  He had too many holes and needed to go up to Heaven to live.

Hamhock was down with it.  He decided we needed to burn “shorts pants” in the grill with another shirt and some beloved socks to have some company in Heaven, and Hamhock would see him up there one day.

So, we did it.  “Shorts pants” was ceremoniously burned, after much hugging and kissing and saying “Goodbye shorts pants, you’re a good boy.  Take care of Fiona in Heaven.”

Goodbye “shorts pants,” RIP.