Whoa. . . .

February 11, 2013

. . . it’s been a while.

We are just very busy living our lives. . .school, work, kids, family, etc.  Trying to stay sane through it all.

Hamhock is now in 3rd grade and doing great!  He is reading grade level and keeping up with his peers.  He has a best friend and gets along with most kids in his class.  He’s an awesome, great, funny, and super cute kid.

He gets speech therapy and occupational therapy once a week.  We’re still working on some sounds in speech.

He is somewhat rigid in his eating habits still. . . preferring a limited menu of items that are “acceptable.”  He won’t try new foods very often.  After Foo listened to an NPR article about zinc curbing some autistic kids food obsessions, we started giving it to him daily.  It kicked his habit of needing to munch on frozen corn every night before bed, and has significantly reduced his obsession with eating ketchup with everything.

He sometimes has intense personality conflicts with kids, and needs help navigating the intense feelings he gets as a result.

He also still needs help navigating play dates here at our house.  It seems he does better when he is at his buddy’s house, because he’s not so emotionally invested in his ‘space’ and needing to share his own toys, etc.

Superboy is also going great. . .he’s in 2nd grade, and reading grade level, making good friends, and doing well.


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