Worldwide Vaccine and Autism Stats

October 2, 2010

UPDATE:  Another study, released in March 2013, has determined that vaccines DO NOT cause autism. 

So please consult your pediatrician for your concerns, and as long as your child is not one of the very, very small minority who will be injured by vaccines, get your child vaccinated!!!!


I’ve always wanted to know how other countries fare with their vaccines and autism stats.  I came across this special_report_autism2 today from Generation Rescue.

It seems pretty well documented, and I think offers some legitimate concerns as well as the obvious need for more research, research, research.  (It was published in April 2009, and the rates for autism have now increased to 1 in 100 in the United States.)

Hopefully one day we will have some definitive answers.  In the meantime, can’t we vaccinate 99% of our population to provide herd immunity to babies and the elderly, while also protecting the small percentage (1%, maybe) of children who are prone to vaccine injury because of susceptibility to auto-immune disorders, as well as neurological problems?  Why can’t we protect everybody?

Of course it raises many questions (why such a huge variance in the number of Autism rates country by country?)  I’d like to know what Norway and Denmark are doing right.  And why oh why does America’s rates spike so much higher than any other country?  We’re supposed to be the best country in the world!  I just don’t get it.

Country # of Vaccines (under 5 yrs old) Autism Rate Mortality Rates Per 1,000 children under 5 yrs old Mortality Rates Worldwide Ranking (#1 being the fewest deaths)
United States 36 1 in 150 7.8 34
Iceland 11 1 in 1,100 3.9 1
Sweden 11 1 in 862 4.0 2
Japan 11 1 in 475 4.2 4
Norway 13 1 in 2,000 4.4 5
Finland 12 1 in 719 4.7 6
France 17 1 in 613 5.2 11
Israel 11 1 in 1,000 5.7 17
Denmark 12 1 in 2,200 5.8 18

4 Responses to “Worldwide Vaccine and Autism Stats”

  1. Michael said

    This is old information. It’s 1 in 50 now in the USA.

    • gooagoo said

      Yes, you are correct, Michael. I began writing my blog in 2008, and this particular post was written in October 2010. And so now in 2013 the diagnoses of autism are 1 in 88 children and 1 in 54 boys.

  2. bill said

    USA has the most autism and eats the most GMOs

    Norway has the least Autism and prohibits GMOs

    • gooagoo said

      Europe seems to always be ahead of America in so many metrics. There must be a correlation in there somewhere. . . makes sense on a gut level.

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