It’s the anxiety, baby

September 14, 2010

Mark’s brother got married the Thursday before school started.  Totally fun, family-oriented, spiritual, fabulous day.  But the next day I woke up with the reminder that school starts that coming Monday, and all my fears and worries hit me like a Mack truck.

It’s fun living with anxiety.  Really.  Fun not to be able to focus or think or relax or enjoy.

My body breaks out in this lovely rash, too.  Nice.

So. . . .anyway. . .Hamhock met his new first grade teacher and he wore his new Mario t-shirt to the first day and it all seems good.  He greeted me with a big smile every day for the first week:  “Mom, I didn’t get into trouble today!”  So sweet, and so heartbreaking.  He gets it – gets the rules are there, there is a way to behave, a way to act, and he’s trying as hard as he can to follow it all.

I’m very proud of him.

Here’s Superboy, a week later, going to Kindergarten for the first time.  He’s super excited and super easy-going.  It makes my brain a little crazy when I seriously don’t worry about him at all.  I know he’ll be just fine.  I know he’ll make friends, follow the rules, enjoy school, learn what he needs to.  It’s very strange.


One Response to “It’s the anxiety, baby”

  1. Juliet said

    Okay, Superboy’s second smile is so dang awesome. And Hamhock looks so grown up and cute as always. I love those boys!

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