January 26, 2010

Hamhock kissed his first girl today.  Gulp.

She’s a tomboy in his Kindy class; really sweet, nice, funny cute girl.  We had her over for a playdate & they went out scooter-ing.  I was watching from the yard, and he dropped his scooter and ran over to her with a big bear hug, and then planted one right on her lips!  Oh. My. Gosh.

When they came back I tried to explain to Hamhock that you can’t kiss girls unless they say “yes” *after* you ask them.  Yeah. . .we’ll see how that goes.

On another note, Superboy had his very first cavity (first for either kid) and it was a bit of a struggle in the chair, but he powered through it and got to get two prizes afterwards.  He chose a glittery, shiny, jeweled ring.  Yes.

And he wore it all day proudly on his finger.

Yep, my boys.


One Response to “Kisses”

  1. Equinox said

    This. Is. AWESOME. Your boys are cool. Just think, now that sweet girl can say she got her first kiss in Kindergarten from a cute boy in her class who was both cool AND her friend! And there apparently wasn’t any awkwardness involved. (Always a bonus.) You might need to watch out—this may be signs of the future! Though that doesn’t sound so bad: sweet girls, innocent supervised dates at home, picking up pointers from Mom. You guys are awesome.

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