So I know. . .

August 15, 2009

. . .I live in one of the most non-diverse homogenous states in the nation.

All the kids in the neighborhood are white.  All the kids in his preschool were white.  All the kids at church are white.  Hamhock has no black friends.  None.  (Sorry Roxanne, we’re trying).

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I know once he’s a teenager he’s going to want and need to relate to other black kids.  Enter:  Genesis.  It’s an LDS ward for all African-American members and friends to attend!  We’ve been to two firesides and one Primary activity so far, and I’m sold.  They meet in a chapel in Fort Union, which is literally in our stomping grounds – probably a 5 minute drive from our home!  Like I said:  SOLD.

It’s hard for me to know that Hamhock is thinking about anything deeper than Spongebob and buying treats with his credits earned.  So. . . I hold onto anything I can get that comes from his cute little mouth.

We were driving to Discovery Gateway one day when Superboy was talking about Fisher-Price Little People.  Hamhock pipes up and asks:  “Is Michael’s face just like me?”  (Yes, it is!  And it’s just as beautiful, too.).

And then when we went to the Primary activity at the Gateway fountain, Hamhock said:  “Mom, how many Hamhock’s are there in the world?”  (Alot!  Isn’t that cool?!)

It’s also really cute whenever he sees a brown baby when we’re out and about at the swimming pool, or shopping, and he’ll say:  “Mom!  That baby looks like me when I was a baby!”  (I know!  You were the cutest little baby ever.)

Little golden nuggets into Hamhock’s thoughts.


5 Responses to “So I know. . .”

  1. Traci said

    interesting to here! good luck with all that you are doing for your boy!!!

  2. That’s awesome that you found out about that ward! Believe it or not, my folks’ ward down here in Provo has two, yes 2!!, mixed race couples. What are the chances in a place like this? It’s refreshing.

    • gooagoo said

      Omygoodness, Jana – that is amazing. Who would have thought it? By the way, yesterday turned out to be quite a nice day for your move (after the rain).

  3. Shally said

    Oh, Lisa–

    I totally feel you on this. I wish we had a ward like that down here to go to. Jaxon needs to be around other people that look like him! We love it here, but I pray every day that more diversity comes to our city.

    • gooagoo said

      Shally – I know! You’re in St. George, right? We just gotta do the best we can. . . BTW, Jaxon is such the cutie. He looks like he’s quite the little athlete, as well – following his Dad’s footsteps. I’m starting Isaac with T-Ball this fall, gotta start putting his little defined muscles to use. . .

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