Michael Jackson

October 29, 2008

The boys talked me into buying some Newman O’s cookies the other day. For being gluten-free, they’re actually pretty good – almost like a generic version of an Oreo.

While they were gleefully eating them at the kitchen table at our new house (yay!) Hamhock set a cookie at the empty chair and said this one’s for Michael Jackson.

I said: “What? For whom?”

He said: “Michael Jackson.” Completely matter-of-factly.


Where did my 5 year old and 3 year old kids learn about Michael Jackson?

After asking that exact question to them, Superboy pipes up and says the Simpsons!

Ohhhh! They are referring to the premiere from third season “Stark Raving Dad”, where a large white man thinks he’s Michael Jackson.

So funny. Someday they’ll be old enough to watch Thriller, and to learn of the days when I was 15 and Foo was 13, staying up late waiting for video history to be made.


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