You’re an apple!

August 9, 2008

I helped Hamhock get an apple out of the fridge on Sunday.  He peeled off the little sticker, stuck it on my hand and declared: “Mom, you’re an apple!”

Superboy told Foo the other day: “I want to get married someday.” Foo asked him what her name would be, and he made up one of his silly names. Foo asked: “What does she look like?” He said: “She’s beautiful and she’s my friend!”

Foo was having the boys help him with watering the lawn last night, and after he told Hamhock to turn off the hose, Hamhock salutes him and says “Yes, sir!”

Also my favorite phrases lately that Hamhock picked up from Ben 10 Alien Force (I think) are:

1.  “I didn’t see that coming!,” and

2.  “Time is running out!”

The greatest thing is, he uses them completely appropriately and spontaneously.  Yay!


3 Responses to “You’re an apple!”

  1. Corinne said

    I love those two little boys. They were a BLASTY BLAST to play with on Sunday night 🙂

  2. Karen said

    Hey, thought this post was cute, so I linked to it in my most recent post entitled Heavyweight.


  3. Megan said

    That is so cute! I wish I could here him use those statements, it would be awesome!

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